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East vs. West Division Is About the Dollar – Not Nuclear War

The interesting thing about working in alternative economics is that inevitably you will become the designated buzzkill. You may be presenting the facts on the ground and the reality behind the numbers, but most of what you have to report … Continue reading

This Is The Shocking Truth About How Bad The Economy Really Is In The United States

With continued uncertainty in global markets, this is the shocking truth about how bad the economy really is in the United States. Across America, from established restaurant chains to upstarts, bankruptcies are rising, locations are closings and profit margins are … Continue reading

ECB Press Conference – 20 October 2016

The Final Act will be World War

Sadly, I must write what follows and do not do it lightly. Over the years when writing, I have held little back. Nothing will be held back in this missive as we are on the brink of war because apparently … Continue reading