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Grant Williams on Why the Auto Sector Is Heading for a Crash

Grant Williams digs deep into the auto sector to see what the future holds and the likely impact for the US economy. The Big Story in the auto sector examines what’s behind the slide in used car prices, which are … Continue reading

Recession Could Be Closer Than Most Realize

All the global central banks that have colluded against the hard working people of the world with all their QE’s, bond buying, market buying etc., is designed to keep the game going against the people. But that game is failing … Continue reading

U.S. Anxiety Levels Climb Faster Than Rest of the World

WASHINGTON Anxiety levels of Americans over matters such as war, terrorism, hacking and identity theft have spiked in recent years, leaving the nation near average in a global barometer of perceptions of security, a survey released Tuesday said. Concerns about … Continue reading

MUST READ: For All The Pain And Gain Between Stock Market Bulls vs Gold Bulls, Nothing Sums It Up Better Than This…

For all the pain and gain between stock market bulls vs gold bulls, nothing sums it up better than this… S&P 500 And Gold (Momentum Structural Analysis) June 20 (King World News) – Never-die stock market bulls are no doubt gleeful with … Continue reading