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Here Comes $20 Silver!

After a painful downtrend, silver has embarked on an unstoppable rally. Now that its 5-year bear market is officially over, silver’s ready to make a run at $20 for the first time in nearly two years. That means double-digits gains … Continue reading

Making The Case For $12,000 Gold & $360 Silver

Global Financial Assets are more inflated and propped up than ever. According to the most recent figures published by The City UK Fund Report, total Global Conventional Assets under management topped $105 trillion in 2014. That’s one hell of a … Continue reading

Can This Be True? Is The Price Of Silver Really Headed To A Jaw-Dropping $690?

With the price of silver surging near $19 and the gold market holding recent gains at $1,320, the following was sent to King World News from analyst David P. out of Europe. The work below is not David’s and we … Continue reading

IMF Names Deutsche Bank As Biggest Systemic Risk To Global Finance

The IMF never shies away from making controversial statements, albeit their most recent one may cause a lot of debate. According to the financial superpower, Deutsche Bank is the biggest threat to our global economic ecosystem. It is not the … Continue reading