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GATA’S Bill Murphy on Gold & Silver and The Central Bankers

Join Rory Hall of The Daily Coin Bill Murphy of GATA in this insightful interview on the Central Banksters and how there starting to lose they’re grip on Precious Metals and will be over powered through the Global Markets. The Daily … Continue reading

Pro Commodity Trader Michael Oliver on Gold and Why Were Moving Higher

Please Join Jay Taylor as he interviews professional commodities trader Michael Oliver why were moving higher in gold and what to look for even as the dollar also moves up. Michael Oliver entered the financial services industry in 1975 on the … Continue reading

Trump deficits will be huge

There is much we don’t know about how the Trump presidency will play out. Will the Wall get built? Who will pay for it? Will it have at least some fencing? Will repeal and replace happen at exactly the same … Continue reading

Nomi Prins: Former Goldman Sachs Banker – 2017 Gold up & Dollar Down

Former top Wall Street banker and best-selling author Nomi Prins correctly predicted no financial crash for 2016. Prins’ upcoming book is titled “Artisans of Money.” It is all about central bank money creation. What does Prins say about this year? … Continue reading