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TERRIFYING: Paul Craig Roberts – We Are Witnessing The Final Enslavement Of Humanity

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, just warned we are now witnessing the final enslavement of humanity. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: “Having successfully used the EU to conquer the Greek people by turning the Greek “leftwing” government into … Continue reading

ALERT: Legend Pierre Lassonde Just Predicted Price Of Gold To Soar Above $10,000

With the price of gold and silver pulling back and consolidating recent gains, today legendary Pierre Lassonde spoke with King World News and predicted for the first time ever that the price of gold will soar above $10,000. Lassonde is … Continue reading

“The System Itself Is At Risk” Bill Gross Warns, Shorts Credit As “Day Of Reckoning Is Coming”

We were surprised to hear none other than legendary bond investor Bill Gross, who made billions going long bonds, admit to Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker last night [11]that he is starting to short credit, “a position that he said runs contrary … Continue reading

DoubleLine’s Gundlach says U.S. stock market is ‘dead money’

Jeffrey Gundlach, the chief executive officer of DoubleLine Capital, said on Tuesday that the rally in U.S. stocks, which began on Monday, feels like a short squeeze and characterized U.S. stocks as “dead money.” “The market is not incredibly healthy,” … Continue reading